Xiang Yang No.4 Secondary School in Hubei

Founded in 1954, Xiangyang No.4 Middle School was identified as one of the first key middle schools in Hubei Province in 1978, named a model school in Hubei Province in 2001 and awarded as one of the "Top 100 Middle Schools in China" for many years. Over the past 66 years, the school has been awarded as a national civilized campus, one of the top 100 secondary schools in China, a national base for high-level sports reserve talents, a national school with special features in mental health education for primary and secondary schools, a national advanced school in national defence education, a national advanced group in greening, a national model school in ecological civilization education, a national advanced unit in mass sports, an advanced grassroots party organization in the province, the best civilized campus in the province and the highest award in the construction industry "Luban Award" and other honorary titles. With its beautiful campus, complete facilities, civilized school style, strong teachers and outstanding achievements, the school is known as the shining name card of Xiangyang education and the cradle of talents in northwest Hubei.