Guangzhou Peiwen Foreign Language School

In May 2020, the Education Bureau of Baiyun District approved the establishment of a high-quality school, Peiwen School in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, on an educational site in the heart of Jianggao Town by the Peking University Peiwen Investment Group.

Baiyun Peiwen School is located on Xiahuasan Road in Jianggao Town, close to Jiangfu Subway Station on the northern extension of Line 8 and Jianggao Town Hall. Baiyun District Peiwen School is the first school in Guangzhou invested by Peking University Peiwen Investment Group. The school is a nine-year private school with 36 classes for primary school and 48 classes for junior high school, which is expected to provide 4,020 quality school places.