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The Evolution of School Uniforms in Thailand

Thai school uniforms can be traced back to the aristocratic schools in the U.K. In 1846, a picture of Prince Edward wearing a sailor's uniform was published in a newspaper and it instantly became popular around the world, and the sailor's uniform was used as a school uniform, emerging in the U.S. and Germany, and then spreading to Japan and Thailand, among others.

Thai school uniforms can be traced back as far as the aristocratic schools of England (Photo credit:

In 1885, under King V of the Bangkok dynasty, school uniforms were introduced in Thailand, divided into school uniforms for boys and school uniforms for girls.
In 1939 Thailand enacted the first Regulation on School Uniform for Students, which differentiated school uniforms according to different types of schools.

Currently Thai students wear school uniforms based on the Royal Ordinance on School Uniforms promulgated in 2008, which aims to reflect equality for all and reduce the cost of dressing students in the hope that they will focus on their studies. In addition, Section 7 of the Ordinance states that impersonators who are not entitled to wear student uniforms are guilty of an offence and may be fined or imprisoned by the court.
An overview of Thai school uniforms by grade

Thai school uniforms vary from region to region, so here is an example of a common Thai school uniform.
Kindergarten uniforms
In Thailand, kindergarten uniforms are closer to the style of children's clothing we have in our lives, with boys wearing small shirts and shorts and girls wearing small shirts and skirts, sometimes with a smock.

Primary School Uniform
Primary school boys wear shirt shorts and girls wear strappy skirts and little shirts. The trousers for primary and secondary school boys are generally knee length shorts as opposed to the black trousers worn by university boys. Buttons and belts do not usually have the logo of the school you attend.
Secondary School Uniform
Thai secondary school uniforms are white shirts and black skirts with ties for girls and simple white shirts and belted shorts for boys.

In primary and secondary schools in Thailand, apart from the daily school uniform there is also a scout costume, which is worn by Thai students from the fourth grade to junior high school.

University uniforms
Thailand is one of the few countries in the world where university uniforms are required. Thai university girls generally wear a white top with a black skirt Thai school uniforms, and there are many options for girls' skirts ranging from hip-huggers to pleated ones.

A full university uniform for male students is usually a white shirt and long black trousers A full university uniform has strict requirements for buttons and belts and badges. The buttons, belt and badge are usually the symbols of the school attended and the lapel pendant is the symbol of the college in which the student is enrolled.
Gender-neutral school uniforms
In addition to the usual boys' and girls' uniforms, they also have gender-neutral unisex uniforms. This educational philosophy of individuality and respect for human rights can be said to have gained international recognition

Also, specific to individual schools, many of them will have their own representative colours, so there is still a lot of variation from school to school.
The Thai school uniform episode
Last year, Thailand's top academic institution, Chulalongkorn University, changed its rules to allow transgender students to dress according to their gender identity. Following Chulalongkorn University, Thailand's University of Law and Politics has also agreed to allow transgender students to wear uniforms according to their gender identity.
However, many netizens still comment that university uniforms should be abolished, what do you think about this?
The school uniform has become a Thai culture and a symbol of identity for students.

There are also many shops that make and sell school uniforms near schools, like the one near Chulalongkorn University, which sells uniforms exclusively for Thai university students.
For those who love Thai culture, Thai school uniforms are not only a symbol of Thai youth, but also a way to hold on to our youth and memories. Some netizens have even found manufacturers of school uniforms and ordered the same uniforms that star Lisa wore as a student.

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