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New trends in school uniform design

The design of school uniform is an important part of a school. On the one hand, it reflects the unity of campus culture, and on the other hand, it shows the unique campus style. So what will the new trend of school uniform design look like?
Trend 1: Diversification of Design Elements
Striped slashes, LOGO, bright color blocks, sports beams... These familiar design elements on school uniforms or uniforms, in the eyes of modern people, actually have unlimited potential, but they are solidified on the old carrier and cannot be used. freed.
The limitations of the era's vision have left designers with blind spots, but the design elements themselves can be used. "Take school uniforms as an example, LOGOs with emotional logos, and colors with the school's humanistic flavor, these elements only need to use modern Design means to add the finishing touch, such as the introduction of neutralized excessive ribbons in bright colors, such as the abstract pattern processing of traditional figurative LOGO, etc., the fashion will immediately rise.”
Trend 2: Innovative fabrics improve comfort

According to incomplete statistics on the Internet, the fabrics of domestic school uniforms are relatively simple, most of them are not very ventilated, and the styles are relatively simple. In this regard, in addition to starting with the "software" of the design elements, school uniforms also need to be upgraded from the "hardware", especially the clothing fabrics and functionality.
School uniforms can first try to use a variety of fabrics to improve comfort. At present, school uniforms can first design school uniforms for different scenarios according to different curriculum needs, such as sports style, daily style, formal wear, etc.
Trend 3: Integrating cultural elements

The design of school uniforms should also incorporate current popular elements to subtly improve students' aesthetics.
A set of uniform style fashion, the design inspiration comes from different element textures, the overall use of silk fabrics, pay attention to the effect of light in the materials used, under the sunlight, there are water wave effects and mountain texture patterns, the waist is selected The golden woven Chinese knot is flexible and elegant as a whole. In her opinion, these traditional cultural elements can also be added to the school uniform design in a "moisturizing and silent manner".
Understanding of school uniform design. "In fact, school uniforms contain a variety of design meanings. No matter what kind of design, the horizontal and vertical lines are full of strength and beauty." Clothing is a layer of softness that is close to the skin. If it can become "a design that can truly be integrated into life" , that is the emotional transmission with temperature. These simple expressions of emotion through color are not enough. The future design evolution can start from more details. "For example, can school uniform dress suits be designed with bow ties for boys and bow ties for girls? Let life be full of more rituals."

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